Favourite TV Shows

About a year ago, I was busy writing my final bachelor thesis for my undergraduate program in communication and media studies. While a lot of my colleagues decided to analyse advertisements or membership programs, I wanted to write about something I had loved for many years: Grey’s Anatomy. Before you ask: yes, it is possible to write an academic paper about a popular TV Show and yes, even after working on it for an entire semester, I still love to watch the show. As you may have gathered from me telling you that I had literally written an entire thesis…

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A few of my favourite things

Nothing ever points out your favourite things as obviously as travelling does – or at least, that’s what I have found. Being away from your normal surroundings, you are bound to forget a product at home, which you end up missing terribly on your travels. Et voilà, you have found a favourite. This one product you cannot wait to have in your possession again, swearing to put it in your bag the second you come home, so as to never leave it behind again. Or, you might not have forgotten anything at all, yet missing specific things about your home…

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One of Those Nights

It was yet another one of those nights. On the first glance everything seemed perfectly normal; the little leaves, visible from her room’s window, were dancing slowly as if they were invited to do so by the wind himself, breathing soundlessly. The stars shone bright against the dark sky and the whole street, lit ever so slightly by an old streetlamp looked as though no one had walked the little alleys in years. Of course this was only a peaceful lie the night brought with it, a story that would turn into nothingness as soon as the first rays of…

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Summer reading

I don’t know how I choose books. I can’t pinpoint the moment a papery companion catches my attention, because it never happens in just one moment, never happens in a book store or on an online shopping platform. I fall in love with books one mention, one recommendation at a time. I might hear the author’s name come up in conversation, see the beautiful cover on Instagram – or “Bookstagram”, as there is a whole world dedicated to books on Social Media. Often times I watch Reviews, and Tags, and Read-a-thons on Youtube – well, “Booktube” – and look up…

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Discovering Graz

Shockingly, I did not remember Graz at all. Granted, I hadn’t been anywhere near it since I was about 10 years old and even back then we would only visit the city as a daytrip, from where we stayed in another part of Styria. But still. I am known to remember small little details, like random historical dates nobody else cares about or the specific outfit somebody wore during one particular conversation. So surely, I thought on my four hour train journey, I would at least be able to recognise a few streets and sights here and there. Well, it…

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