Isla, December 6th, 2017

My dearest Isla,

You’re close and getting closer still,

there won’t be too much left until,

this chase will finally find its end,

for you have number three in hand.


As you’ve been only here one day,

I truly do want you to stay,

at least a couple moments more

– so I hid clue numero four.


Goodbye now to these easy riddles,

for the rest resemble skittles:

spread out here, there, everywhere,

oh yes, it’s gonna be sehr schwer!


Step one will be for you to find,

a sweety-sweet that’s been designed,

with someone’s face right on the top,

and – oh – that’s not where you can stop.


For if you find the treat I mean,

I’ll sadly have to intervene,

and tell you straight right off the bat:

there is so much more than that.


There are red ones, blue ones, gold ones,

two of them are Salzburg’s own sons;

but just one has been the first,

for its chocolate’s not the worst.


Find me this one, pretty please,

and I – in turn – will soon release,

our friend clue number four,

whom you surely will adore.

– Yours, Oliver

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