Isla, December 5th, 2017

My dearest Isla,

For a little second there,

I wasn’t sure if you would dare:

to board a plane without much clue,

to come to Salzburg, strange and new.


But, let me tell you I am proud,

to see you here within this crowd.

To have you deal with such a task,

I know it was a lot to ask.


Now, as it might be clear to you,

this poem is clue number two,

in our little paper chase,

so follow right along this trace.


For this old fellow with his wig,

here in Salzburg is quite big.

There is a footbridge with his name:

which I have made part of this game.


To the bridge’s south most end,

your third clue has now been sent.

It’s nestled high up in a heart,

that’s ivy green and looks quite smart.


If you can find this heart of green,

and the clue that’s in between,

 you will make me proud once more,

and I’ll give you clue number four.

– Yours, Oliver

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