Isla, November 19th, 2017

My dearest Isla,

your birthday has now come and gone,

yet the gifts continue on.

’Tis the most special of them all,

solving it will be a ball.


It might take wit and courage too,

but both of it ‘s combined in you.

So, solve the riddles one by one,

starting now, it won’t take long:


First off, about the serenade,

which you most surely have now played.

It holds a clue all in its own,

that must no longer be unknown.


‘Cause if you know the artist’s name,

you are allowed to start this game,

for where he lived, before he grew,

is where you’ll find your second clue.


At last, what I need you to know:

I really do want you to go!

So, here’s the thing I have to say:

to you, a happy birthday, ay.

– Yours, Oliver

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