Isla, December 6th, 2017

My dearest Isla,

There’s one and then there’s two and three,

yes, there’s still much more to see,

in this lovely little town,

which for music gained renown.


Where the horses used to prance,

and a bunch of people dance,

every year high on the stage,

that’s where you’ll get another page.


Then the next stop – bitte sehr,

is the house of Mozart, where,

he wasn’t born but lived a while,

I’m sure, it’s gonna make you smile.


Lastly, I just mentioned it,  

So be sure to use your wit,

for it’s the last stop on the quest,

it will be your final test.


Once you find them one, two, three,

a little prize will wait for thee,

right inside an instrument,

which used to be the main event.


All the best of luck to you,

I hope you did enjoy the view,

of the world through my own eyes,

I hope it was a good surprise!

– Yours, Oliver

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