Dear April,

I barely blinked and the world has changed – again. It’s funny how quickly these things happen, how the true changes often come within a single second. They could be decisions, like finally settling on what you really want after a long-standing inner argument or nature taking its course, like day turning into night, sunshine being replaced by velvety darkness and stars taking their role as the flowers of a midnight blue field. All of a sudden, you are not where you were just a moment before, not even the same person that you used to be. Instead, the world has been doused in golden light and one story ends in order for a new one to start. It’s a sunrise, like an amuse-guele of a new life, fore-shadowing long months of sunshine and adventure.

Yet, as I stand outside during these early morning hours, all but drowning in liquid gold, I cannot help but think about the night that had to take place in order for the sun to rise again; for light and hope to take over and for change to happen. I think about all the ingredients necessary for an old life to transform into something completely new, like a cake baking from a mix of conscious decision making and coincidence and about how all these behind-the-scene developments are never truly valued, despite playing such an indispensable role. Finally – inevitably – I think about the changes that have waltzed through my own life and how it all seemed to have happened for a reason. Would I have ever ended up where I am right now, had I not taken a de-tour through the high North? Would I even know myself as well as I do, had I not stumbled over a speed-bump here or there? Somehow, the answer seems obvious in those hours where light is nothing more than a suggestion, a barely-there feeling of grace and elegance. My life would not be the same had I not lived through everything that has happened to me so far, the good and the bad. And so I close my eyes and let the new gold dance across my face, never once caring if it was supposed to stay with me, for even if it didn’t, even if nothing gold could ultimately stay forever, there would always be something new and golden and glittery making life worthwhile. Different maybe, yet definitely desirable.

As I open my eyes again, the sky has changed once more, has invited the glowing golden light of pure sunshine one step closer into its kingdom, already influencing how this day will turn out, already changing a thousand more lives with this one faith altering moment. And all that’s left is for us to arrange ourselves around these new developments, to believe that whatever is coming will be infinitely better than what we were clinging onto. For, ultimately, it only takes one new adventure or an especially exciting story to convince you that this is how your life should be, to even make you wish that it could last for a while longer this time around, at least for one more second.


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